Tuesday, February 24, 2009

People Liking People Is About To Change The World Forever

Folks, we've stumbled upon something that has enormous claims. But after reviewing it for ourselves, it is nothing short of revolutionary. Something is about to happen which will change the way people interact forever. All the suffering and violence that has gone on for centuries? No More.

People Liking People is an organization that has set out to accomplish an enormous task: rid the world of energy used to hate and turn it into energy to like. Most of the world's problems stem from hatred, and acts done as a result of that hatred. Where does hatred come from and what fuels violence? Well People Liking people has stumbled on the answer and is about to take the world by a storm. They've created an energy transformation process that converts energy for hating into energy for liking. They haven't yet released all the specific details of the converter, but that will come in the following months. Vote for Hillary Online has gotten a sneak peak at some of those details, and let me tell you the claims are 100% backed up and we even got to attend a private demonstration. The world is definitely in for a revolution.

I know this is the Hillary support website, but I just couldn't help my enthusiasm for their project and its implications. For more information please visit their website. They've even kicked things off with a motivational song entitled "I Like People". Buckle your seat belts folks, 2009 is going to be quite a ride.

Congratulations Obama, Hillary

Alright so we've been laying kind of low around here lately. Hillary lost the primary, and Obama went on to beat McCain and take the presidency. Congratulations Obama on a job well done. It's one of the first times in recent history where someone managed to win by running a good clean, honest campaign. There was a lot of mud slinging early on, but most of it was done by the media. They just liked to stirr up controversy where there was none to be found. Oh what a mess this country seems to be in lately, I just hope Obama's plan for change is the right prescription.

A big congratulations to Hillary Clinton for her new job as Secretary of State. You know, the 90s were a great time for the United States. I'm not sure how much power Obama is going to give to her, but I am confident she'll give it her all in restoring our relationship with the rest of the world. We're all at a time of crisis right now, not just the United States. It's more important than ever that we work together to solve these problems and strive to get back on the right track. If there's a way to prosperity, then we're going to see it in the next 4 years, because for the last 8 years we've had our hands tied behind our backs.

Again, congratulations Obama and Hillary. We're all counting on you.