Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vote for Hillary Online offering cash for inside gossip

Alright here's the deal: We here at Vote for Hillary Online have been receiving a lot of e-mails over the past 24 hours with all sorts of rumors, hot tips, and inside gossip. Problem is, none of them are substantiated as of yet. We need someone from inside the Hillary Clinton campaign to confirm that she is in fact going to drop out in 2 days. Oops, did I just let that out? Yup, rumor has it, she will drop out on Saturday. But we need proof. So if you're in the campaign, spill the beans! We're offering cold hard cash for insider information.

Contact us at

Hillary Clinton sent us an e-mail today begging for money

Good lord people. We were up all night long in talks with supposed insiders, trying to get some details on the rumor that we're on top of. We have more information, but we're trying to confirm sources at this time.

What's odd though is at the same time we're learning of this rumor that she's quitting the race, Hillary Clinton is begging us for money.

Hey Hillary: It's over. Quit spamming our e-mail. We've heard the rumors about you quitting the race, think you're going to pull a fast one on us? We'd be better off flushing our hard earned dollars down the toilet than sending it to your campaign.

From the Rumorville: Hillary Clinton will quit the race!

Note: this has not yet been confirmed and is just a rumor at this point. But Vote for Hillary Online has just received an anonymous tip that Hillary Clinton will be stepping out of the race. We will continue to update with details as they come through. Again, this is just a rumor at this point. Stay tuned.