Thursday, December 6, 2007

CNBC Mocks Hillary as she lays out her mortgage plan

Hillary Clinton was on CNBC yesterday talking to Maria Bartiromo about her plans for the sub prime mortgage crises that aggressive lenders have gotten us into. The interview was going along fine but about 1:50 into it, the camera cuts away to anchor Dylan Ratigan who appears to be falling asleep and unaware that he is on camera. About about 5 seconds of this obviously unscripted moment, the shot goes back to Hillary talking to Maria. Alright, just a simple mistake, happens all the time, right? Think again. About 10 seconds later, the camera again goes back to Dylan Ratigan who is now smirking childishly at the camera - well aware that he is live on television. I cannot believe a well respected business network like CNBC would disrespect Hillary so blatantly on television. Did they not expect anyone to catch this? I honestly cannot see the thought process behind this one. Dylan needs to issue an apology and somebody should be fired immediately.

Watch the clip here from It occurs around 1:50 and then again at 2:00.

Kenneth Li from has picked up on this smear attempt as well.