Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vote for Hillary Online can no longer support Hillary Clinton

Folks, we realize this is going to break a lot of hearts out there, but we have learned some things about Hillary that have broken our hearts. We're not at liberty to say exactly what that is at this point, but let me just say this: Hillary is not what she portrays herself to be. She is a wolf in sheep's clothing. We've been struggling with this these past few days and there was a lot of debate as to whether or not we should publicly announce our dissent with Hillary, but we believe that it is best to be upfront with all of you that have supported us.

We have a lot of good people in this movement and most of you are good honest hardworking people. But we have been misled. Hillary is not the candidate to turn back America, she will keep us moving in the wrong direction that will most certainly turn to disaster.

We are not going to endorse a different candidate at this time, but we are calling off all support for Hillary Clinton. This was a very difficult decision and we hope you understand.



Wiccan Wanda said...

Awesome. Many of us fellow Dems are with you-- I was a former Hillary Clinton supporter, I was even willing to forgive her for the way she's supported the Iraq War. But I can never forgive Hillary for being the corporatist shill she has become.

Scratching the back of companies involved in outsourcing American jobs to India? And planning to double the H1B visa numbers? Those programs are destroying the US high-tech economy as it is, and she's trying to expand those further? I lost all respect to Hillary when she became an outsourcing shill, since-- hardly a big surprise-- Indian outsourcing companies are among her biggest contributors.

If the Democrats go stupid again and nominate Hillary, I won't for her. I'll still vote for other Democrats for Congress, but not for Hillary, at all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's a real tragedy that you've changed your mind. Every day, tens of thousands of readers flocked to your site to see what Hillary was up to, how we could help her campaign, and whether any dishes needed to be washed.

I also have heard that you raised well over $80 for her campaign from us... will you return those funds?

Respectfully, Hillary's Donors and Friends

Cannot believe it! said...

Are you serious, c'mon this is America's last chance to get a woman elected and you're changing your minds. It is that bad!!

I am just disappointed somewhat, Obama is great, but he represents the Republican straw man--he will be easily beaten.

Those who want a chance from the line up of blue suits are back to square one. Unvelievable!!

Anonymous said...

We need a politician people- dont be fooled! Obama sounds great- but he doesnt have the experience to lead this country. Edwards is probably the best but he will not win against the Republicans. This is exactly what the religious right wants- dissent amongst the democratic voters. Obama and Edwards are "strawmen" for the republicans.

Hillary is a Politician. Be realistic about this. WHO IS ELECTABLE!! Or back off of Hillary cause she isnt the "perfect" choice- how any mistakes have you made in your life. Why dont you run as the perfect candidate. I cant believe this website had the balls to back off supporting someone. How wrong is that.

Did you get a payment for the religious movement or something

Anonymous said...

WHATS WRONG? A POLITICIAN LIED TO YOU OR LET YOU DOWN?? NOBODY'S PERFECT, ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS, THEY'RE JUST RICH...A vote for Hillary is also a vote for Bill and when the nukes are flying our way would you rather have Barack or the Clintons on defense??? It is going to happen and my pick is Hillary (and Bill), Thank you! Laramie

lgstarr said...

This will enlighten everyone here who just doesn't "get it" -

And I just heard this man speak on Wednesday night - From 1996 to 1998, Colonel Patterson was the Senior Military Aide to President Bill Clinton. During that time he was responsible for the President’s Emergency Satchel, otherwise known as the “Nuclear Football..." - and he has 3 books and 2 years of real-world reasons why you would NEVER want to elect Hillary Clinton as President.

Anonymous said...

Whatever your reasons are, know you are making a huge mistake!!!!!

Nobody is anywhere near as qualified to be in office as she is. NO ONE!!!!

It's also sad to see someone so intent on supporting someone, change their mind without giving specific reasons... SAD!!!!

Heather A Posey said...

Why won't you say why you are dropping your support?

Anonymous said...

These comments are hilarious. We live in a country where we can choose our candidates freely, and because someone has made the decision to change their mind (that's what humans do) you get posts about this being the last time to vote in a woman, Hillary having Bill Clinton, and how you should give back the money you donated to her campaign.

Grow up people.

This is not America's last chance to get a woman elected.

We don't need a politician: we need a person who can put political parties aside, and start working FOR the people and not FOR the politics. We need a candidate who is going to bring parties together and NOT continue this Democrat v/s Republican bs that's been going on for years.

A vote for Hillary being a vote for Bill is a ridiculous reason to select a candidate. Let's judge people by their own merits, not the merits of their mate, and then try to pass those merits off as experience. Her experience is the reason why the war in Iraq was supported in the first place.

I think it is a courtesy to the readers to not list your reasons, as you don't want to impose your reasons on them: let them be the judge of their candidate.

Congratulations on being enlightened. There are many still living in the dark, and hopefully they will see the light as well.

Anonymous said...

Why would you post something like this, and not present any facts? This is serious and it is irresponsible on your part. Why are you hiding information? Don't you realize what is at stake here?
Shame on this website for playing childish games!

lanesharon said...

Passage of Florida legislative bill HB 537 has caused 1.7 million voters to become disenfranchised. Unless the RNC & DNC policies are changed, this could happen to you some day; regardless of your state or party affiliation. The contents of this website will discuss this bill, what happened; and what you can do to try to reverse this situation and prevent it from recurring. Please help us reinstate the voting rights of Florida Democrats. How you can help:

Pass this information on to others.

Visit the website

Read the Position Summary Section

Visit the What To Do Page and follow our action suggestions

If you have already signed a petition that combines the Michigan and Florida reinstatement effort, please sign this petition also. There are different arguments for each state and I believe they need to be argued independently.

Please keep these facts in mind as you read the contents of this website:
* The Florida Democratic primary election ballot had all democratic candidates listed.
* Florida Dems have been disenfranchised, through no fault of their own
* HB537 was written by a Florida Republican to change Florida's primary date.
* A state legislature has interfered with it's constituents National voting rights.
* The Florida Democratic Party did NOT change this date, the legislature did.
* The Florida legislature has an overwhelming Republican majority.
* The House of Representatives in Florida have 41 Democrats; 71 Republicans.
* The Senate in Florida have 14 Democrats; 26 Republicans
* The state of Florida has a Republican Governor.
* The citizens of the state of Florida did NOT vote on this date change.
* HB537 was passed in May 2007 & legislatively changed the Florida primary date.
* This date was, and still is, unalterable by the Florida Democrats.

Sharon Lane,

Anonymous said...

This is kind of ridiculous. If you really have something to say to make you withdraw support, at least have the balls to tell people what it is. My guess is that you're full of crap. She'd have to eat kittens to make me go over to the Obama campaign.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I also think that it's hilarious that the person who finds this board "hilarious" won't give his/her name. If you want to rant about how we are all part of the "dark side," I find it hilarious that you don't want people to know who you are. Nothing but shadiness and generalities from the Obama campaign...

foryourinfo said...

You may not like her style and attitude, but she's the best of the pack running for President. It's about who can do the job, not about playing fair but getting it done.

aud_ball said...

Go Hillary! I'm dissapointed that "vote for Hillary online" can no longer support Hillary. I guess Obama got to you too. His articulate words and his dreamy speeches sound good, but are truely empty. He has no clear plan of action. Not to mention that he and his wife are the two most racist pigs ever. A vote for Hussein Obama is a vote for hatred and all the things that do not stand for change. A vote for America and a brighter future is a vote for Hillary! Keep on keeping on, Girl, I know we will win!

Sharon said...

PLEASE, pass the website link and info on to others.

I have been putting together a website where Hillary people can have their voices heard, in a PUBLIC arena. This website is NOT a replacement for any group, it is an adjunct to all groups:

You can tell people, quickly, why you voted for her (one entry per person) through the Quick Note Form (email address required for possible publishing consent):

You can also talk in detail about your reasons on the Blog:

The Blog also has an event calendar. Use the 'comment' link on this post to tell me about any Hillary events:

No Obama-bashing allowed; these entries will be removed. This site is not about 'attacking Obama'; it is about sharing the reasons Hillary is the BEST choice for President. If you want to compare her record vs. his, great; but no racial comments or ’attack mode’ entries.

This is not about debate. Obama Supporters are NOT allowed. Any Obama support comments or Hillary bashing comments will be removed, promptly!

If you have a LOT to say, let me know. I can set you up to publish it on the blog, or publish it on the main website. PLEASE, everyone, help out with this project. Hillary Clinton is OUR candidate! Let’s tell everyone WHY!

Take Care, Sharon -
Contribute To Hillary:

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