Saturday, December 8, 2007

Oprah Campaigns with Obama: Whoopty Freakin Do

Possibly the most over-hyped useless event in history, Oprah will be giving a speech with Barack Obama at the Williams-Brice Stadium in South Carolina. The media is making a huge spectacle about this, and if you got all your information from cable news, you'd think it was the most important thing going on in the world. The fact is, if a presidential candidate needs Oprah in order to convince people to vote for them, that shows that they cannot get elected based upon their own merits alone. What's funny is that I don't see Oprah even doing much to sway voters one way or the other, and even has the potential to turn people off.

Obama running on his own merits: not electable.
Obama running on his own merits and the help of Oprah: still not electable.

Obama is simply not presidential material; he could have all the endorsements in the world, but it would not change the fact that he is simply unqualified. What makes me mad though is that this is a huge distraction for the people. It gets the American people thinking maybe there is a better alternative to Hillary. They get lured in, they waste their time going to a stadium to hear him speak. And then they come home confused, demoralized, and betrayed. The candidate with the most experience, integrity, and real ideas for America's future is Hillary Clinton. No endorsements or lack thereof will have any effect on this fact. If anything good can come out of this, it will be that after hearing this catastrophe of a speech by Obama and Oprah, the people will realized that they have been conned into believing that Obama offered any real solutions. When reality sets in, the only answer will be to vote for Hillary.


Anonymous said...

someone sounds jealous...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, any surprise.. He's black. What happened to all of those "incriminating" tapes from Oprah. Would they show how racist she really is?

tompatton said...

How do you waste time by getting a first hand experience of a candidate?

joewillie said...

No different from Hillary using Bill's drawing power to bring people out to hear her weak speeches and lies.

Oprahtard said...

Oprah is an idiot. She would be backing Gary Coleman for president if he were running instead of Obama, its all about him being black not because he is a worthy candidate. That is ooobvious! It makes for a better movie of the week... Oprah Winfrey presents "The Black President."

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least Bill has a place on the campaign trail, he is a former president. All Oprah is is a talk show floozy. Who cares what she thinks, she only cares about redecorating and celeb gossip. Oh yeah, and schools in Africa that molest children.

Anonymous said...

Oprah is an American, with every right to endorse and stump for anyone. Why does Hilary rely on Bill so much if she is competent? America is a land of 300m capable of producing freshness each time

dairyheir said...

Please send me a list of Hillary's PERSONAL achievements. You said Obama is not qualified, I have to assume that you think Hillary is more qualified? At what? Swapping positions like a weathervane?

I'd rather vote for Nancy Reagan, who is more qualified than HIllary. Ol' Ronnie checked out those last two years, and I would bet my last dollar that Nancy had more "presidential" impact than Hillary did as First lady.

Hillary has never led an organization larger than her senate staff of 45 ppl. Look it up. She has NO leadership experience.

She's a hack running off her husband's coattails. Where does she stand on immigration, taxes, the war? I have no idea, and she doesn't either.

Anonymous said...

Obama is the Michael Jordan of the presidential candidates in 2008...Obama will be our next president...Let's see who's supporting Obama: folks like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Oprah, the founders and CEO of Google, and many of the smartest venture capitalists in North America...These folks know how to identify top talent and they all realize Obama is the best leader to take our country forward.

Choosing presidents in NH said...

It *is* quite humorous how the poster states Obama isn't electable but then doesn't explain why. S/he also doesn't explain why Hillary *is* electable and why she is "presidential material."

This kind of dialog should be ignored as it really brings no value in the whole process of electing a president.

One of the author's points I do agree on is the media plays too much a part in the process. We all know the media torpedoed the Dean campaign no matter who endosed him.

Anonymous said...

A million more little lies, Oprah needs to inspire people to think for themselves. We know she doesn't do her background work.

Anonymous said...

Oprah was one of the biggest WAR HAWKS on television, she believed everything that was said about Iraq, even going so fad as putting a lady in her audience down for questioning the reasons that Bush gave for going to war. Opah's comment to her was "WE ARE GIVING YOU THE FACTS!" more or less telling the lady to sit down and shut up that she didn't know what she was talking about

Anonymous said...

No one is jealous. Oprah has never spoken out for any other president. If this was opposite the white person would be racists. She has never spoken out for any other president and as soon as we have a black senator running for president, she thinks his ideas are the best?? Racists much? Oprah needs to stick with her little talk show, and obama needs to run a political campaign instead of getting popularity votes.

All he does is mudsling anyway. Hillary Clinton for President !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Oprah - when are you going to open some schools for the poor children in New Orleans who lost everything or even in some of our inner cities? Not a big enough photo op for you? You made those millions off the people of THIS country, how about spending some of it here as well.
I don't watch her show anymore, or read her recommended books nor do I let her influence my decisions - she lost her appeal when she took her money to Africa when there is so much need at right here.

This is absurd said...

oprahtard - there have been other Black candidates, I think 3 to be exact. Oprah didn't back them because she didn't believe in them. If you haven't noticed, Oprah is a smart woman who built an empire out of nothing but her conviction. Now, she could probably buy everything you'll ever be worth.

And just food for thought - There are plenty of white people backing white candidates. There always have been. So give me a damn break with this "oprah is racist" crap. Anyone who could even comprehend of something so ludicrous should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Okay, You must not see the light but Oprah is a big racist and now the truth comes out! Open your eyes! WE have. This is reverse discrimination! She should stay in talk TV and mind her business. What does she know about politics? She just lost my support and Obama is stupid for accepting her support. This isn't a rock concert! What kind of President would that make? He has lost all of my respect. Hillary is the one this time and how dare Oprah do this to her supposed "friend".

Marc said...

Of all the gin joints of all the states in this... I mean of all the states that Oprah is from, Illinois, is it no surprise that she endorses Obama? Her show emanates from Chicago and that is where Obama is from. So, hometown girl supports hometown boy. Whoop-dee-doo. If Hillary would have been the senator from Illinois and Obama from New York, we all know that Hillary and Oprah would we smoozing sisters and Oprah would be supporting her. And that endorsement would be worthless too. Do we as Americans want Oprah who has given us Dr. Phil (loudmouth), Suze Ormand (of bad financial advice), James Frey (non-fiction or fiction), Dr. Jan Adams (R.I.P. Donda West) to pick our next president? Does her endorsement trump former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who knows something about the workings of government and diplomacy? Who next do we listen to? Geraldo?

Carbon Adam said...

They get lured in, they waste their time going to a stadium to hear him speak. And then they come home confused, demoralized, and betrayed.

Man, you sound like a religous zealot. You talk about Obama as if he were the devil, luring God's (Hilary's) "flock" away from the shepard (Hilary)!

Anonymous said...

Hillary's "Experience" = what? 2 terms Senate? And before that? Did she ACCOMPLISH anything in the White House besides... besides nothing at all! Hillary is running on the laurels of her husband. She is so freaking fake it isn't funny. I'd vote for Oprah before Hillary. Oprah can at least get rich honestly, and makes things happen with her money... Hillary is a fake and a wanna-be and really the only candidate that I'd leave the Democrats because of... and regardless of how that makes this blogs authors feel, I think there are a lot people in that boat.

Anonymous said...

I think that out of the whole United States that we could have better people running for President. What about some of our not so rich? They don't have the money to back them! I don't like anyone who is running black or white, it don'r differ!

Anonymous said...

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