Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hillary and the hostage situation: a demonstration of leadership in action

The hostage situation that erupted at the Hillary Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire was a dramatic experience that put all of us here on edge. We were relieved when it was all over and the police took the crazed lunatic into custody. But looking back to the situation, there was one thing that stood out the most: the way Hillary Clinton handled this very difficult ordeal. Take a look at this impromptu press conference held by Hillary right after the hostage taker was arrested peacefully:

Hillary demonstrated courage, leadership, calmness in handling a unique and difficult event, and the ability to show optimism in a time of despair. In a way, this whole event was a good thing for us, because America got a glimpse into the professionalism and presidential demeanor that Hillary is capable of when the public is searching for answers. Whatever doubt people may have had about Hillary's ability to lead has been all but extinguished.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad nobody got hurt, and this insane man didn't get to do anything horrible, but on the other hand let's face it... Hillary wishes she could blame his actions on the VRWC, and she will get a lot of sympathy after this unfortunate episode.

Billy Bob Job said...

What courage? What leadership? She sat on her huge uh chair in Washington DC while the First Responders on the scene solved the problem.
All talk, no action=babyboomer

Anonymous said...

Hillary could'nt keep Bill satisfied he had to seek affection elsewhere (Monica). I seriously doubt she can satisfy the United states

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