Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alert: hold off on Mission: Bumper Sticker

We have had e-mails just pouring in these past few hours here at Vote for Hillary Online about the legalities of putting bumper stickers on cars. Many of you have said that the act of putting a bumper sticker on someone else's car without their permission is illegal. We haven't had time to fully research these property laws so for now, unfortunately we think the best thing to do is to call off Mission: Bumper Sticker. This has been a real blow to a lot of us. Jerry Lipton from Kansas had just bought 2,000 bumper stickers and was planning on spending the whole afternoon at a shopping mall today. It was a very hard phone call to make, to someone who has put all of his time and effort into this grassroots campaign. But I don't think we should allow these minor setbacks to hurt our morale - after all, that's exactly what the opponents want to happen.

For now we think it would be best to focus on the e-mail campaign. E-mail everyone you know and tell them to support Hillary Clinton. Make sure you also let them know why, too. It's very important people realize that this is our last chance to take back America.

We will continue to keep you updated, thanks to all of you out there. Without you, it wouldn't be possible.


Randy in SF said...

You might find this of interest

Hillbilly Willy said...

Hillary is beginning to shoot her self in the foot by showing her true colors. It would be a shame for America to vote someone in for President who has no morals, no character, no quality, and no leadership ability.

A vote for Hillary is a Vote against what America Stands for!

Tom said...

You might be interested in this .. .. Hillary is a psychopath. No more bushes and clintons! This false left right paradigm must stop! The republicans nor the democrats will save us! Wake up and learn about the government, laws, how things are supposed to function. Do you know all the articles to the bill of rights? If not, WHY!!!??? You're an american right?! get informed! WAKE UP! HILLARY IS A FRAUD!


Sun Shine said...

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Big Dog said...

You better think twice before you go around slapping bumper stickers on people's cars. That is a real good way to get an ass whipping.

Wendy said...

It figures that Hillary supporters would even contemplate something as violating to others rights as slapping a bumper sticker on someone else's car. Hillary is scary and so are her supporters. She's an egomaniacal amoral person and if you honestly looked into the scandels that have surrounded her over the years, you would not be supporting her.

Anonymous said...

What if I placed a republican sticker on your car? How would you feel? Geez

Eric Goss said...

How could you have possibly thought that placing bumper stickers on random people's cars would be a good idea? Honestly, use some common sense. Violating people's private property is not a good way to spread your candidate's message. Or maybe you felt that the bad press would be worth having a few more cars driving around with a Hillary bumper sticker?

Anonymous said...



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