Wednesday, November 28, 2007

December 10th Democratic debate has been cancelled

From Reuters:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A televised debate set for next month among the Democratic presidential candidates will be canceled to avoid a potential conflict with striking Hollywood screenwriters, a source close to organizers said on Wednesday.

The decision by the Democratic National Committee came after several candidates said they would refuse to cross picket lines of the Writers Guild of America, which has been on strike against major film and television studios since November 5.

A debate among eight Democrats running for the White House had been scheduled for December 10 at the CBS Television City studio in Los Angeles, where striking writers have been routinely picketing.

I know this news may be a big disappointment to a lot of you that wanted to see Hillary stand her ground and take on the boys, but this is actually great news. Let's face it, everyone in America knows about Hillary Clinton and her positions. She has absolutely no problem with name recognition, as some of the other candidates do. These debates actually have more potential to harm her campaign than they do to help, simply because it gives exposure to the lesser known candidates. Right now if an election was held, I guarantee you Hillary would win hands down. But if John Edwards and Barack Obama were able to get enough air time to somehow convince the masses that they would be a more effective president, then they might have a real chance of taking away the election from us. Every debate I have seen so far has been nothing more than an obsessive smear campaign against Hillary. I'm really starting to question the importance of these debates in the different times we live in today.