Thursday, November 29, 2007

John Edwards And Barack Obama Duke It Out Over Healh Care

It appears that John Edwards and Barack Obama have decided to take a break from smearing Hillary Clinton and have turned on each other. This is great news for us, as these two will attack each other into oblivion where the last person standing without a blemish is none other than our own Hillary Clinton.


Democrat John Edwards took aim at rival Barack Obama's health care plan Thursday, saying it would leave too many Americans uninsured.

Obama's plan would not require Americans to get health insurance as Edwards' plan would.

Imagine if these two loads of incompetence were the only front runners in the debate and there was no Hillary. I have to say, I feel a bit sick to my stomach just imagining that - then again, maybe that's what they want so we're lured into their flawed health care plans. On the one hand you have Obama, who obviously doesn't think that all Americans should have equal access to healthcare, and then you have John Edwards who apparently wants to force people to get health insurance at gunpoint. Fortunately we all have an alternative with Hillary.

I thought this little quote from Edwards was very telling:

"There are very substantive policy differences between us on this issue. I just want to make sure caucus-goers are aware of that," Edwards said.

Edwards said he has not seen details of how Clinton would enforce her mandate.

Hmm I wonder why John Edwards is so interested in Hillary's health care plan. Could it be that he's not confident in his own that he's trying to get ideas from the lead candidate?

By the way, we're noticing a large amount of new visitors to our site lately. If you're a Hillary supporter, on the fence about a candidate, or even supporting someone else, you're all welcome here. Hillary Clinton wouldn't turn anyone away, nor should we. If you've made it here, you're probably on the right track to discovering why we here at Vote for Hillary Online have dedicated our lives to ensuring her election. For a comprehensive list of her positions on various issue, please refer to this page.


jon said...

ha....! Did you not know that John Edwards not only released his healthcare plan 8 months before Hillary released a copy of HIS plan, but that Edwards has specifically explained how he would enforce his healthcare mandate while Hillary has not? Apparently you were unaware of this.

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