Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Smear Campaign Continues Against Hillary

We've had a few complaints earlier that we spend too much time focusing on the negatives such as the ongoing smear campaign against Hillary. Folks, we don't do this because we love to be negative - believe me, if the media was on our side, you wouldn't hear one peep of criticism from us. But the fact is, we are the only site that's holding the media accountable and exposing their Hillary attack-fest for what it is. We won't let them get away with this and continue to lie to the American people. That's what this is all about. This isn't just a smear campaign against Hillary. This is a wide-spread mechanism to deceive all of the American voters. If we don't stop it dead in its tracks now, it has the potential to set a disastrous precedent for every presidential race in this great nation's future.

There is something that we have been noticing lately that is a clear attempt to conceal the fact that the opposition is in cahoots with the media. There is an effort underway to make it appear that in fact, the media is in cahoots with Hillary. Anyone who has been paying attention knows this is the farthest thing from the truth, but the opposition is using something we like to call 180-degree logic in order to twist the public's perceptions in hopes that Hillary supporters decide not to vote on election day.

I'm not going to post this garbage so as not to give the opposition any credibility, but the headlines speak for themselves:

CNN's purges its "Protect CliNtoN" debate transcript
CNN Waves White Flag For Hillary
How The Media Crafted Hillary Clinton's Image
Media ‘in lock-step’ with Clinton campaign

We could go on all day, but I'll stop there to prevent inducing vomit.

Folks, since when does the media accurately report on the media? The conflict of interest issue alone is staggering and enough to raise doubt among anyone with half a brain. Not to mention the fact that we know there is clearly a well orchestrated smear campaign against Hillary Clinton.

As to the notion that CNN is soft on Hillary? Well let's take a trip to CNN.com and see what kind of coverage they have going on over there relating to Hillary. Don't worry, we'll do it so you don't have to. We did a search on "Hillary" from their search bar at the top. The most recent headline that comes up? Poll: Clinton's lead shrinks in New Hampshire. Favorite quote of the article:

"One reason for Clinton's shrinking lead may be voter perceptions of her as a candidate."

Hmm I wonder why voters would have a negative perception of Hillary Clinton. I'm sure you had absolutely nothing to do with this CNN.


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