Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Get paid to post positive comments about Hillary

Vote for Hillary Online is so dedicated to making sure Hillary Clinton wins this election that we've started a program that rewards those of you who post positive replies about Hillary on political blogs. By the way, we can't take credit for this idea, thanks Richard Sears! Our main premise is this: the opposition has the media by the collar. They are one in the same. One thing they don't have control over however is the internet. And we're not doing nearly as well as we could be doing at using this tool effectively.

Folks, we have monitored the traffic on our website. We see thousands pouring in daily, yet we only get a couple hundred e-mails from grassroots supporters wanting to help out in the cause. We know a lot of you just don't know where to begin. You've never participated in politics before. And that's fine! Gotta start somewhere, might as well be with Hillary.

We're giving you an easy opportunity right now to become part of the political process. I've come to find that a lot of bloggers who talk about Hillary in a negative tone simply don't know all of her positions on the issue. They've been caught up in the character assassination game that the media started. They simply need to be educated, and it's our job to correct them. Then you have other bloggers who are so caught up in other candidates, they haven't taken the time to look into Hillary and have simply ignored her out of ignorance. We can't get mad at these people, it's easy to understand how the opposition has made the United States a nation of sheep. It's not the people's fault however. And we won't be effective communicators if we approach them with that attitude.

But enough about that, you want to know about getting paid to write positive comments about Hillary. The way it works is this: in your spare time, you visit several political blogs. Whether they're for a specific candidate, undecided, or even a downright Hillary hater, your job is to post comments that portray Hillary in a good light. Each time you post a comment like this, make a note of the website's address in a text file (we recommend notepad). After a day's worth of blog commenting, send us an e-mail with that notepad file including all of the blogs you commented on. We will then visit a few of them to confirm you in fact leave the comments (Sorry folks, but there's always going to be someone out there wanting something for nothing). We will then pay you $1.00 per positive Hillary comment.

A couple things to go over:

1) Finding blogs. Finding blogs is amazingly easy and you don't need to be a computer expert to do this. A very helpful tool that we recommend is Google's blog search. What you want to do is start doing searches on all the presidential candidates. For example, you could type in "Mitt Romney" or "John Edwards" and see the latest blog entries that discuss these candidates. Or you could just do a search for "presidential election". Be creative, there are hundreds of possible searches you can do to find political blogs.

2) Some do's and don'ts: Write at least 2 sentences. "Vote for Hillary!" is not enough. Explain why that person should vote for Hillary. Also, Do not be insulting. People are more open to persuasion if you are friendly. Even if it is a blog by someone who hates Hillary, you have to bite your lip (or control your fingers).

A good example is this "Hello, this is a really interesting blog, I'm glad I stumbled upon it. I understand where you're coming from but I really think you should check into Hillary Clinton. She's got some really good ideas."

First, it compliments the blogger. Everyone loves to be complimented and it puts them at ease with whatever you're about to say. Second, you acknowledge their opinions. This shows that you are rational and are able to see both sides of an issue. Third, you mention Hillary and then explain why you are a Hillary supporter.

I know this is common sense to most people, but I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. If you need any help with this, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail.

If you are interested in doing this and ready to start making money right away, e-mail us at voteforhillaryonline@yahoo.com with the subject line "Dollars for Comments". If we all do our part, it can really go a long way.

Update: We are still getting a lot of inquiries about this. Please refer to the post above; we had to call this mission off. Also, we want to make it clear: we are not endorsed by the official Hillary Clinton campaign. We are an independent grassroots effort that seeks to ensure Hillary's election. So for all of you saying this somehow reflects badly on Hillary, she had nothing to do with this.


rpowers said...

You're PAYING (?!?) people to leave positive comments about a candidate. It seems to me that people should leave comments to express their opinion, not to express YOUR opinion for money. This just seems awfully corrupt to me.

Ashley said...

Wow. Do you actually think that paying people to post comments is an admirable political tactic? Apparently Hilary's supporters are as dishonest as she is.

farkingfarkfarker said...

Hello, this is a really interesting blog, I'm glad I stumbled upon it. I understand where you're coming from but I really think you should check into Hillary Clinton. She's got some really good ideas.

Ignatius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MK said...

Wow, money?! Hey Hillary is great! Vote for her! Oh, wait? I mean you've got a great blog here. Yeah... It's interesting and talks about interesting things.

Hillary is the best.

Can I get my money now?

alfonso.e.urdaneta said...

"Hello, this is a really interesting blog, I'm glad I stumbled upon it. I understand where you're coming from but I really think you should check into Hillary Clinton. She's got some really good ideas."

Oren said...

Hi! I'm a mac user and (Unfortunately, since it seems to be a wonderfully useful tool for attaining power and money) subsequently do not have access to this "Notepad" that you speak of.

I tried downloading it as part of a broader application suite (Called "Windows," if I recall correctly) but 3 gigabytes seemed a tad hefty fora text editor.

May I (With your permission) use an equivalent (Albeit not equal, I gather) text producing and saving utility? Textedit perhaps?

If you consider the output to be inferior then I will happily accept a smaller sum of money per post/poisoning-of-the-political-arena, I may go as low as $.75 but not much lower.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the reddit comments that shall surely ensue.

Cordially yours,


xoc said...

Cash for comment should be illegal.

You are trying to manipulate public perception in a sneaky, underhand way.

Just because the other side is doing it doesn't make it right. If you will stoop to the same low level as the Republicans, how are you different?

Ted said...


You're going to pay people to support Hillary?

This is exactly the reason why Hillary deserves to be kicked out of politics for good -- she plays politics like a Chicago mob boss.

You guys are sick, sad, and don't deserve to use the name "Democrats" in association with yours.

"But they do it!" is no excuse for immoral behavior.

Mike said...

Vote for Summer!!

Who wants to eat chimichangas every day? Not me.

Hotchney Coulis said...

I love HILLARY! I think her greatest asset is her flexibility and how she has different answers for different people. I loved what she had to say about licenses for illegal aliens. GO HILLARY!!!!!!

z said...

Wow, what a terribly corrupt thing to do. Next thing you know, you'll be asking people to hack wikipedia like the right wing. So so sketchy - did you think this thing through and you're really that corrupt, or was this a display of the inherent lack of moral integrity among all Hillary supporters?

Terrible. And I'm as hardcore of a liberal as they come.

Oh, wait, Hillary isn't a liberal either, is she? More of a conservative in Dem clothing.

Church said...


I get jokes.

Dan said...

hi i happened to stumble upon your site.

hillary is a corrupt bitch.

Anson said...

Did people pay others to vote for Hitler? Yes

Will people pay others to vote for Hitlery? YES!

Anonymous said...

I love Hillary!

Can I expect cash or a check?

This would be funny if public schools taught liberals how government works but the public schools are too busy preparing kids for the nanny state so you wind up with idiots like the author of this blog who would break laws thru ignorance of our governmennt and a willingness to do very immoral things. But schools don't teach morality either. Instead young indoctrinaires are taught relative morality and how that can allow you to justify any action.

Serr8d said...

Hillary's in all my pshops~!

(Well, we're hoping to use your post here in one too...I'll get back to you...)

chuckvsteeleii said...

I met Hillary recently. She does not smell near as bad as I had expected.
Her lack of experience or integrity should make her a pretty good POTUS.
Just deposit my dollar into my PayPal account.

nmatyas78 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...

Hello, this is a really interesting blog, I'm glad I stumbled upon it. I understand where you're coming from but I really think you should check into Hillary Clinton. She's got some really good ideas.

Kemp said...


Heidi said...

Are you sure this isn't a joke? Maybe this was started by a Julie Annie supporter. If this is for real, this is just sick, but not surprising. A lying opportunist has to do what a lying opportuist has to do...

Nomen said...

The money for this has to come from somewhere. I suspect the OFFICIAL Hillary campaign organization is providing the backing. If that's the case, this could get very ugly. I suggest we just move on to something else, and hope this just blows over.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean i have to remove all my negative blogs about Hillary too :(


Ben said...

Wow, way to undermine democracy. I think instead I am going to hop around the political blogs discussing how HRC's supporters need to pay people to compliment her. Don't worry, I'll be sure to link your post.

John said...

Very sleazy... Hillary would approve!

Eric said...

I guess I should expect this behavior from people that want to vote for Hillary.

Euphoric said...

well vote for hillary shez the best....

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support@redflagdeals.com said...

Go Hillary go! Hillary all the way!

Egalitarian said...

Positive, and real comments about Hillary, some will say, and some will not, but just the fact over here, say the good you know about Hillary, wt does it reads vote for her.

Egalitarian said...

rpwers, i can recorgnize the fact behind your comment. you runs your brain to innocently, and its the good being of all, but than to add, i think its best to consider, and acknowledge what is said to be written about Hillary, "keep all comments positive" and i think people should talk on what they know, saw, and feel about Hillary instead of giving impressive but false wordings just to earn money. but then to me i should not hesitste to higlight my impression about Hillary, shez interesting to further assert

The Monetizer said...

Interesting concept, especially the poll on the upper left hand side asking if "integrity" is Hilary's best attribute.

Rmeoses said...

Hillary IS a good lady and if anyone can be president its Hillary.she has been in politics for many many years .and she knows her stuff.Mada Allbright needs to indorse Hillary for president.

Michelle said...

Hillary is a horrible, HORRIBLE human being. You should read a book about her & Bill called "The Final Days" - you should definitely take it with a grain of salt, but I know there's some truth behind it. God help us if Hillary IS elected.

Serr8d said...

I've decided to vote for Obama.

Because of the SHAME the Clintons carry! (...but refuse to acknowledge...)

Anonymous said...

This is an insult to Hillary Clinton, since you admit that she doesn't know anything about it. Don't you think you should have asked her if it was OK? It looks like another "slam Hillary" blog in disguise. This is something you do when you don't like someone, not when you do.

Anonymous said...

This is not working for me!! when it asks for new password it automatically rejects the new password..

please this the 2nd day...and i'm losing money,


Anonymous said...

Why is Hillary not showing her tax records? What is she hiding? Where did the 5 million come from? maybe money laundering? She has way too many skeletons in her closet and she owes way too many favors to lobbyists and others. Her 10 top donors who donated millions are anonymous. This is a huuugggge red flag.... She received millions through poor workers from Chinatown in NY. Can you say sleazy special interest? She owes favors to the Chinese government. Hillary is a disaster. Vote Obama!!!!

Serr8d said...

Probably the worst thing Hillary has to deal with is Bill Clinton.

But, without Bill, where would she be?

Nowhere. Absolutely and positively Nowhere.

If not for marrying Bill, Hillary would have lived marginally.

B. OBAMA said...


...Now where's my money?

Wesley said...

It was in the news that after Barak Obama won his last three states she fired her long time campaign manager and advisor. She should stop taking it out on people and do us all a favor and fire herself.

Chelsea Clinton said...


...Mom, can I have my allowance now?



- honey, can we have sex now?

Hillary Clinton said...

Hillary is a wonderful, very attractive and sincere woman. She is a loving mother, a good cook and hot enchilada in bed for her husband and would make a great interior decorator for the White House when she becomes President of the United States.

Please send check or money order to:

Hillary C.
P.O. Box 1140
New York, NY 10001

Serr8d said...

You've heard about teh pimping remark, concerning Chelsea.

But, have you seen Chelsea in fishnet??


Anonymous said...

Why would I elect Monica Lewinsky's boyfriend's wife to be president???

what are you smoking?

PS - Hillary is the most dishonest candidate in the election. Everything she says is pure spin.

Anonymous said...

a woman in politics???????????? does the white house look like a kitchen you dumb bitch?!?!?!

David Perry Davis, Esq. said...

If Hillary actually gave a shit about this country instead of her own selfish blind ambition, she'd drop out NOW and support Obama.

She is divisive. She cannot untie. She cannot govern. She is not what our country needs. The only thing she can inspire people to do is have a nice, healthy bowel movement.

She's a zero charisma whiney bitchy drag on our party. Remember what Billary said - if she doesn't win both Texas and Ohio, she's out.

Let's hope she shocks us all and, for once, keeps her word.

Lhyzz said...

I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton, but this an awful idea. Really, just disgusting. Are you sure you're not really working for Obama, making Hillary look bad? Ugh.

LWinPNW said...

Been surfing the net for blogs supporting Hillary and can't find many. Makes me think that those of us who support Hillary are either (1) not into blogging, (2) not that wildly/insanely driven to rave about our candidate or (3)not willing to get down in the gutter to trash the other's candidate. Its one thing to extol the virtues of your candidate but quite another to spew hatred towards the other Democratic candidate. With this much animosity on the part of the Obama supporters channeled towards trashing Hillary, it's hard to remember that we are all progressives (both Obama and Hillary supporters)and will need to come together to defeat the Republicans this fall.

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic. Hillary really IS desperate. I don't blame her, having to pay for kudos. She's such an unlikable person, no wonder.

Anonymous said...

Good idea gone bad when you offered to pay. It would have been better to just try to motivate people to be active and really check Hilary out before they made a decision. Like researching enough to make an informed comment on her behalf. And don't be so against Republicans. Do you really think that 911 happened overnight while Bush was president? I actually liked Hilary for a minute..BTW...I was not paid for this comment...

Anonymous said...

Gotta say this ain't no worse and certainly not as embarrassing as Obama Girl...Have you seen that crap? Even sleezier than Rock of Love and Flava of Love....

Anonymous said...

Who's gonna pay me to write something positive about Hillary? It's pretty exciting to know she's got to pay people to write positive things about her. I can positively say I don't have anything positive to say about her. Honestly, I don't!

Anonymous said...

I do have one positive thing to say about Hillary. She didn't kick Bill out when he got caught red-faced with Monica Lewinsky. She showed forward thinking and realized she needed him in her life if she was ever to have a snowball's chance in Hell of becoming President.

Leanne said...

Pay me! I have something positive to say about Hillary! She's corrupt if she has to pay people to say positive things about her!

Sharon said...

I blog for her for free. In fact, I make websites and do all kinds of things for free for Hillary. She is proven, pure and simple.

I invite the rest of you to Speak Up For Hillary. It's easy here:

It is simple, private, and quick. To post to our website, use the 'Talk To Us' form here:

Or Blog it here:

Whichever way you choose, make sure you take a minute and SPEAK UP FOR HILLARY!

Take Care, Sharon

Anonymous said...

but...what if we detest Hillary, and hope that, finally, in 2008, America breaks the cycle of BUSH-CLINTON and elects a new voice?

Because we hate the tyranny of familial despotism. Twenty years of Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush is enough! Anyone but Clinton. Obama or McCain, either is change for the better.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what to make of this blog as most of the postings are negative and I feel it must have been started by an anti Hillary person. What I want to say is that I am disguested by the internet postings by anti Clintons and been trying to counteract them for some time. Politico is one of the worst. I do not need to be paid to support Hillary since I feel she is the most qualified candidate and will be proud to call her my President.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've got something to say about Hillary, and I'm POSITIVE that you won't like it. (And I DON'T want "my dollar," BTW...you couldn't pay me to say anything nice about such a PIG--which is an insult to the poor animal!)
Hillary is JUST LIKE Hitler, except she kills PEOPLE (babies) that cannot plead for mercy, or cry out in fear, as their untimely death closes in on them. She is JUST AS bad as Hitler and is going to the exact same place as he is in--The lake of FIRE (HELL)! Where the flame is NEVER quenched, and a worm NEVER dies. It's amazing that Jesus Christ died for the sins of such wretched people with no conscience at all!!! I can NOT believe that MY HOMELAND would let a person like HER run for the presidency of the United States of America! It's SICK!

Anonymous said...

(Just to make sure you READ THIS...)
Yes, I've got something to say about Hillary, and I'm POSITIVE that you won't like it. (And I DON'T want "my dollar," BTW...you couldn't pay me to say anything nice about such a PIG--which is an insult to the poor animal!)
Hillary is JUST LIKE Hitler, except she kills PEOPLE (babies) that cannot plead for mercy, or cry out in fear, as their untimely death closes in on them. She is JUST AS bad as Hitler and is going to the exact same place as he is in--The lake of FIRE (HELL)! Where the flame is NEVER quenched, and a worm NEVER dies. It's amazing that Jesus Christ died for the sins of such wretched people with no conscience at all!!! I can NOT believe that MY HOMELAND would let a person like HER run for the presidency of the United States of America! It's SICK!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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bodhi said...

Please send everybody over to the psychedelic tourist blog. This wack job's blog is FULL of Hillary Hate. It's like this guy is completely obsessed in his hatred of Hillary.
Love bomb this blog!!!
here it is:

Anonymous said...

My comment is not positive. My comment is not necessarily pro-Hillary. It's just not going to be your typical "hate Hillary" pathological party line mob mentality bullsh't either. I'm glad Hillary is out of this and want her to stay out of this ONLY because I want to see if those pro-Obama are going to talk about what he stands for. Really. You think this man doesn't realize he's NOT being elected "president of the black people?" He's no dummy. What's going to make those on the right "come on over?" Because I'll tell you what you Hillary bashers did. All you did was make some on the right sympathize with her because of all of the relentless bashing, calling her a "devil" and "liar." And, yes, maybe some did it because she is white. So what? Are blacks not protective of their own? She's ironically the bridge between the parties because some think she's not the sickly sweet Obama-idealist and yet stronger than McCain. By continuing to bash Hillary these haters are not "bringing America together" like OBAMA said HE wanted to do but dividing it against Obama because I've got news for you! Democrats are not the only people coming out to vote this year. I have a feeling that mentioning that Obama being the first black candidate won't bring America together. What's him being the first black presidential candidate going to do for the rest of America? Let's hear what Obama is for other than "change." I have a feeling that the more Obama talks the more he'll turn off those most loyal to him because he'll have to weave the angry black liberal into the fabric of the country they live in and hint that they have to become responsible for their own choices before they depend on government first. Defining change as "not Bush" is juvenile and insufficient because after 8 years of ANY president anyone will want a
"change!" Duh. See, you Hillary bashers don't realize than Obama's going to have to moderate in office, too. Hillary is a moderate because she's smart and not living in a world of ideals. That's the "experience" Hillary might be speaking of that Obama lovers hate hearing about. Her experience has hardened her. Political experience does that. Obama is merely fresh meat in the eyes of the liberal voters, thinking they can mold and operate Obama. With what lobby? Money talks, b.s. walks. That's why he quit his church. He knows but you don't know that he knows. Black appeasers will not be accepted. We all know this because this not BLACK America. This is America! As a black woman I'm sick of the Hillary bashing. We know the Hillary haters "hate Hillary." Yeah, okay. Now move on, you nuts!! Your man is where you want him to be. Why are you some people still saying her name and who is "mentioning" her for vice president, anyway?! This is all I hear on black radio! It's just an excuse to say her NAME!!It's obsessive and "bizarre." Meanwhile if and when Obama doesn't kiss enough black asses he will be in the same position as the Clintons are now, crucified and talked about like a dog if he dare plays the moderate it's only feasible for ANY president to be. These candidates are aware that they will be president of those of all types of races! Not just blacks, whites and hispanics!! You wouldn't even know all of this "Obama love" was there in 4 years if he dares steps over the "black-approval fault line." I believe blacks really were the first "Jews" because when you don't do what they want they will deny you like the 12 disciples!!
This is not being mean. It's what many blacks believe. It's just never the reasons given for why it seems logically! No one said they would be appealing. Obama in his black theological training should know this, as it is pro-black when you tell us we're the "first" anything. Everyone is "down" until he actually starts being president and slips up and has to stop funding these programs that blacks historically DO NOT patronize in numbers strong enough to keep them going!! How dare we as black communities think that we are going to pick "our" president? I'm a realist, a historian and no one should be angry at Hillary Clinton for saying anything about an
"assassination" attempt. She has not said anything anyone hasn't been thinking themselves!!! I'm sure even Obama thinks about it!
Government IS the liberal's God, Christ and saviour and blacks historically cling to saviours, as the original Jews, to die for "the revolution" because most of them are too cowardly to do so themselves!!! This is just fact, however unfortunate. If anything, Hillary gave you Obama a wake up call. Back up and cool off. The truth is always painful to hear but when you hate with such blind fervor you don't want to make sense of the statement you just want to bash the one who said it, even suggest that she is CALLING for his assassination!! She ia a smart woman speaking only from historical knowledge of what happens to cults of personality that YOU have created like Obama.
I tend to think that Obama is well aware of the historical fate of those trying to go against the "powers that be" who may try to change the "status quo" by trying to shape America as a place where black people can be reverted back to the kings and queens we are told we were centuries and decades ago in Africa, through the help of the tax payers dollars. Especially when those tax payers are not merely BLACK!!! So Obama will make a great president as long as he follows the money and the whole of America. You can't please everyone. The fact is and deal with it, she's no longer running. It speaks volumes about what these Obama supporters have to say or DON'T have to say about Obama!!! Why are you haters still talking about her?

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want her in? I vote for someone that is not a warmonger like the usual american presidents are, someone with integrity, that will be no one then !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The world is caught up in Obamamania.

That mania is not going to govern.

When all is said and done, Hilary is still the best candidate in the face of what we have on our plate worldwide.

Obama scares me.

Sorry Baracklovers, but Obama's inexperience with world leaders reminds me of a first time poker player, thinking he has what it takes to play the game, when all along it is he that is being played.....getting set up for that big bet.

Please PLEASE consider some way to move Hilary into the nominee position. Obama himself....IF he was a man with America's best interests at heart, would give one of his grand speeches and declare Hilary as the most qualified.

Then he would step aside. IF he was a man with America's best interests at heart.

He's a me kinda guy though... and has proven that repeatedly.

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Thanks! That worked perfectly. I really missed GrowlMail and I'm glad to have it back.

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