Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bill and Hillary: Two for the Price of One

Of all the candidates running for the opportunity to be ruler of the free world, Hillary is the most unique option because her presidency will essentially be giving Americans two for the price of one. Who are the spouses of the other candidates? Can you name more than two? Is there anything remotely interesting about any of them? Do they have strong leadership capabilities and experience? If any of the other candidates were to get elected, their spouse would simply play the role of the tag-along. They'll walk alongside the president before getting on board Air Force One. They'll smile for the camera, maybe give a few speeches at elementary schools about the importance of education. But at the end of the day, the spouses will have absolutely no role to play other than to make sure the White House is tidied up for when the President gets back from a trip.

Except in the presidency of Hillary Clinton. Folks, we need strong, clear leadership. There has never been a more important time in history where our country craves so much a leader who can get this great nation back in order from the chaos of the Bush administration. And with Hillary Clinton in office, you not only get her expertise and leadership skills, you get Bill Clinton's enormous experience and the ability to bring together a nation so often at odds. We here at Vote for Hillary Online think this has been a vastly overlooked component to the reality of what a Hillary Clinton administration would mean for America.

Foreign policy. Boring stuff right? Let me make it easy for you: Bill Clinton was a mastermind at developing important relations with the leaders of other nations all around the world. The world was at peace - not because we forced peace by submitting people at gun point, but because we listened to their concerns, and we used our massive power to help our allies in times of need.

The foreign policies of the Bush Administration have all but alienated all of our former allies because of our utter lack of respect for the interests of our neighbors. When Americans travel to Europe nowadays they have to pretend to be Canadian because Bush's actions worldwide have tarnished the perception of American people overseas. We need a complete reversal in order to regain respect and trust amongst our former allies in the world. We need someone who knows how to understand the concerns of other people, not scoff at them. We need someone who has experience in this area, and I'm pretty confident in saying that 8 years' experience in direct foreign relations is well beyond the experience any other candidate has.

America is suffering right now. Not only internally, but externally as well. What we need is exceptional leadership and I can't think of a better choice than the dynamic duo of Hillary and Bill Clinton.


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