Friday, November 23, 2007

Media's Illusionary Roller Coaster Ride of the Hillary Campaign Continues

Last week, when the media was claiming that Hillary Clinton reclaimed her standings during the last debate, we were suspicious. We knew that just a few days earlier, those same members of the media were hinting that Hillary's campaign was in the midst of a disaster. As we stated before, the media likes a drama; they want a rollercoaster ride that takes Hillary on a course which ultimately lands at the bottom. Well folks, apparently the media has decided it has reached the top of this particular hill and is ready to portray the image of a downturn.

I was almost sick to my stomach to read this article from entitled "Hillary bracing for possible letdown in Iowa". The media is back in full hit-piece mode. They're trying to jerk around the American people so much that they give up on the democratic process and decide not to vote.

Here are some excerpts:

"Is Hillary running scared in Iowa?

"Hillary Clinton must be worried.

"Clinton, whose husband, former President Bill Clinton, did not run in Iowa in 1992, may not have immediately understood the peculiarities of the Iowa caucuses.

"Still, the fact that Hillary Clinton has felt the need to slap her opponents after her previous silence suggests a discomfort about her security as front-runner.

To all of the people that have been e-mailing us (most likely members of the opposition in disguise) and complaining that we're overreacting - some have actually stated that the media is in cahoots with Hillary Clinton - do you really need any further evidence that what we have been saying here at Vote for Hillary Online has been right all along? You just watch, they're going to bring her down just like they did before the last debate. And then, just like clockwork they will appear to build her up again. I don't know about you all, but I'm tired of the American people getting jerked around like a dog on a leash. Remember, at the end of this sadistic rollercoaster ride, we will all be at the bottom - regardless of who you support (better damn well be Hillary though if you're on this site).


boatsie said...

OMG! I have finally found a home on the campaign 08 internet where I can feel a sense of shared mission, phenemonal insight, and 'you're not going to f... w/the Clintons anymore! WHEW! It has been absolutely disgraceful how the media is suddenly letting loose with this ultra-right wingo rhetoric portraying Hillary as almost 'flailing!" How dare they portray our former first lady that way! She was the best first lady we ever had and no one ever appreciated her. But we did, didn't we? Back in the 90s who ever would have thought we would have the chance to see her ACTUALLY occupying the Oval Office? What a coup for the Clintons!
I am going to spread the word to all the bloggers who have just jammed up Hillary's official website with comments and blogs and rapid response interaction (Wow, they are a formidable bunch arent they? And to think the wingos are accusing her of using paid bloggers and trollers.
This is just so overwhelming.
Hillary all the way, all the way!

Be prepared for a major influx of traffic soon. Im going right over there to Hillhub as well to tell everyone of those millions of supporters that they can find sanctuary right here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Vinnie G.

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