Saturday, November 17, 2007

From Clinton the nominee to Clinton the vulernable: Don't believe the MSM

We have been covering the media with great scrutiny as of late, in order to gauge how they are twisting their version of reality in hopes that it becomes the general public's version of reality. During the democratic debate in Philadelphia on Oct. 30, Hillary stood her ground and showed how powerful she can be while being up against several competitors who are desperate and are willing to succumb themselves to bottom of the barrel tactics. How did the media portray this? Well you would have thought she was beaten to a bloody pulp the way the critics were talking about the event.

Now this most recent debate, the smear merchants are doing a very sneaky trick. They're pretending that they think she won this debate and proved everyone wrong that thought her campaign was crumbling down. Do you know why they're doing this? It's because they're getting ready to smack her back down and make a fool out of her. Everyone loves a good dramatic story where someone rises only to fall down. Hell, this concept alone is how Hollywood stays in business.

Take this article here for example:

According to the conventional wisdom, Clinton's campaign has been tumbling since a debate in Philadelphia on Oct. 30, when rivals John Edwards and Barack Obama finally screwed up the courage to point out what most folks know already.
Clinton put that notion to rest at a much-hyped debate on Thursday night in Las Vegas. Just as at every other all-candidates' forum, Clinton was coolly efficient as she went about repairing the damage of two weeks ago.

It's time to take a step back and note the difference between truth and perception:

  • Truth: Hillary without a doubt won that debate on Oct 30.
  • Media: Hillary wasn't as strong as we thought she was.
  • Truth: Hilly again shows that she is the best candidate by far and by any standard.
  • Media: Despite Hillary's campaign crumbling down last month, she proves everyone wrong.

We here at Vote for Hillary Online believe Hillary's campaign has always been on a straight uptick, with no resistance in sight, simply because America sees right through the garbage the media likes to feed us. The media would like you to believe this is a rollercoaster ride where, depending on what day it is, she's either up or down. And if you know anything about rollercoaster rides like we do, they don't end up at the top of the hill - they always come back down. And this is precisely what the media has planned for Hillary Clinton.

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Marissa said...

The main stream media is full liberal morons and you are now telling people not to believe them after all that they support in the "liberal land"? You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. All the major channels are LIBERAL. Of course, any liberal wacko is going to believe the media. HILLARY IS A MORON. She planted her little seeds in the audience and now she is going to back peddle and say that she had nothing to do with it. Wolf Blitzer is her BITCH! Another disgrace to mankind. The two of them should run off and um head to Canada and love socialized medicine and make disgusting liberal babies. Shit, even Bill doesn't want her anymore, he just fears for his life. I BELIEVE MSM! They rock! Screw Hitlery! GO HUCKABEE! Oh and what do you smoke? You are WAY OUT THERE MY FRIEND.