Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When you get criticized by Republicans, you must be doing something right

The unrelenting smear campaign against Hillary Clinton has been going on for as long as she has been running, but now the Republican candidates are starting to get in on it too. But for different reasons. You see, the media has had somewhat of a personal vendetta against Hillary right from the start, and they've done everything they possibly can to run her good name through the mud. They do this for ratings, and they love to bring someone up only to tear them down. More importantly, they thrive on chaos, and it doesn't matter to them if our nation suffers because of it - that's just more money for them to make on the backs of the working class. But the Republican candidates do it out of fear. They do it because it plays to their quickly diminishing base, in hopes that they can somehow rally the few loyal Republicans who haven't seemed to wake up to the fact that we need some change in America.

usatoday.com has an interesting article about this phenomenon, and it really speaks to just how low Republicans will steep when they're desperate and out of ideas. Instead of focusing on the issues as Hillary has done all along, it seems that Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani's secret recipe for success is to accuse the other of mimicking Hillary Clinton. First of all, I have to take issue with someone comparing a candidate to Hillary as an insult. She has put forth numerous proposals that she will enact as President, many of which address the growing problems we will soon be facing as a nation, and she has more experience in the White House than all of the candidates combined. Second of all, this really gets down to the core of what the Republicans are all about: empty rhetoric, an over reliance on smear tactics as a result, and a growing trend of separation politics that attempts to marginalize those with opposing viewpoints. I say bring it on Republicans. Bush's approval rating is at a historic low, and if the Republican strategy is more-of-the-same with an dismissal of new ideas, then this will most certainly set the stage for an inevitable victory for Hillary Clinton.


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